Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Frozen Chosen

von demandingsounds

A proud day for Effluvia, now reaching 80 releases. Originally, i was looking forward to reach 4 multiplied by 20 on the catalog, because I would take such a moment to reflect upon the brilliance you can find in the albums here. Or perhaps I could take an opportunity to express my gratitude towards the hard working artists letting their hearts bleeding out onto this wordpress page I haphazardly threw together. But today the praise goes to Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt specifically. The throne of release 80 is all his, and this is not the only throne he can now enjoy. This record, Frozen Chosen, marks now the 100th release of this brilliant artist! That is no minute achievement by any standard. All of his records that I have heard have blown me away, such as his works Kissing The Sky, HangIN Their, Two Thousand Eleven, as well as countless (and by that I mean 97) other solo works and collaborations! On Effluvia he has an amazing 10 releases on Effluvia alone, including splits with Consistency Nature, Pollux, & Rosendo J. Rocha. His 100th record is a shining, crystalline example of what kind of music Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt’s concocts, and if you are criminally unaware of his work, then you have come to the right place for a first listen. This is his drone at the height of his magic, though he would refute the term „drone“ and with further, deeper listening, you will discover why! There is much more at work here. with his signature accidental guitar method, he will take you to the far extents of your imagination’s limits, which are boundless. Tadpoles and falling empires, tundras and deserts and backalleys. All veiled by this tremendous shroud, and upon this shroud are painted, with beautiful and sacred feedback minimalisms and crunchy static behemoths, the true face of all this. The tadpoles. The dystopias. The landscapes. All of totality and our idea on what lies beyond, this is how his music makes me feel. This album has four tracks of just such innovative, almost spiritual works (not to mention azure artwork by the wonderful artist Diu Pii!).I am so blessed by whatever strange personified nihil is pulling my strings to have this genius on Effluvia with such frequency, and am also happy to have met him personally when he and his daughter visited LA from Berlin (Sorry I was an hour late to pick you up from the airport, my friend!) [press text] Download „Frozen Chosen“ of Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt for free @ Effluvia Recordings!