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Mala Culebra – Mala Culebra

Mala Culebra – first stunning cooperation of the two well known noise artists Francesco Perdona (Arte Sacra Atelier) & Ariel G. Chapuis (Playing With Nuns)! The selftitled debut is published by the six netlabels Cubiculo Noise Recordings, Kermesse Records, Sirona Records, Plunk Noise Records, Electronic Etiquette Netlabel and kulturterrorismus! Download this perfect blend of ambient, noise, industrial with a lot of ritual samples of Mala Culebra for free @ all collaborating labels!


T.Bird – Arma Factory

T. Bird (from „The Talking Bird“, the name of parrot-shaped 8bit toy sampler) came into being in 1996 at Moscow as a solo project of experimental musician and sound producer Victor „Mutant“ Shevtsov (ex-Dolphin). Transformation into a full band happened at the end of the ‘00s. In 2009 bassist Ivan „Kester“ Lebedev (ex-member and founder of cult Russian psychedelic ba Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

Christiane Offenbar and Fabio Keiner- Unsung Songs

Unsung Songs“ is the product of a casual collaboration between german jazz-singer Christiane Offenbar and austrian sound mangler Fabio Keiner. Spontaneous vocal improvisations, chanting and whispers, sung directly by Christiane into the recording device of her pc; reworking, stretching and remixing of this rather raw and direct material by Fabio. The finished compilation of tracks sur Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

Zreen Toyz – Underground Klang

Underground Klang„, released previously as limited edition CDr of only 30 copies in 2011! Now 2012, the Texas, USA based label Buddhist on Fire published „Underground Klang“ by Zreen Toyz as free download! The french artist Zreen Toyz creates on „Underground Klang“ creates timeless landscapes where vibrations, noises, and collages erase the structure of the piece.

Aairria – The Fifth Dreaming

Marcin Drabot – a polish ambient artist devoted to minimal and logform music. Formerly known as Martin Dot and Ananta. He’s the founder of 1485kHz Records and Rain Netlabel, where Marcin Drabot publish with his side project Aairria the new work „The Fifth Dreaming“ for free download! Taste & feel it!

Melinda Ligeti – Paspreture

Paspreture“ is a kind of an inner journey based on the music I was composing and recording in the last 10 years – music that was made in my past, that led me to my future, which became my present in all senses.. I made a choice of these 8 particular songs that represent my musical paths the best way. They are not sorted chronologically, but emotionally, with a special attention to atmosphere they possess.. The opening song ‚Landscape of a Newborn Planet‘ is of great significance Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

Jerome Faria – Overlapse

Overlapse“ – microsound / drone / experimental ambient album by the portuguese artist Jerome Faria aka NNY. Download „Overlapse“ of Jerome Faria as free or deluxe edition @ Enough Records!

Alexei Borisov & Yura Volkov – Vzor Neba

Vzor Neba“ – dystopian sound collages of the Moscow, Russia based artists Alexei Borisov & Yura Volkov! Get this experimental fusion of noise, industrial and ambient for free download @ Internet Archive!

Fires Where Shot – Maritime

Fires Were Shot are an amazing instrumental duo from Texas, United States. Their sound can be categorized as textural, guitar driven ambient music. No-Source Netlabel is excited to debut Fires Were Shot’s long-form single, „Maritime“ to the world. Fans of Cheer, talkingmakesnosense, or Brian McBride (of Stars of the Lid) will instantly fall in love with the sound of Fires Were Shot. Maritime, at over twenty eight minutes, takes you on a journey out to sea and back. Field recordings of the ocean are quickly engulfed by layer upon layer of guitar drones, delay and plucking. While out in the waters surrounded by the deep, you find yourself at last. This is melodic acoustic drone that should be held up right next to the very best. Download „Maritime“ of Fires Where Shot for free @ No-Source!

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Frozen Chosen

A proud day for Effluvia, now reaching 80 releases. Originally, i was looking forward to reach 4 multiplied by 20 on the catalog, because I would take such a moment to reflect upon the brilliance you can find in the albums here. Or perhaps I could take an opportunity to express my gratitude towards the hard working artists letting their hearts bleeding out onto this wordpress page I haphazardly thr Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »